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Leadership & Coaching Staff

With many years of collegiate sports and academic experience at Division I and Division II schools between them, our leadership & coaching staff are fully equipped to lead and prepare our student-athletes for success. This group has extensive contacts and opportunities to aid student-athletes through the process of preparing, working, and positioning themselves to be selected by schools at the next level. In our inaugural year, this leadership team worked tirelessly to invest in 57 male and female student-athletes with 1 of these players being recruited at the collegiate level already. This committed team of coaches built a program focused on developing character, leaders for Jesus Christ, and emotional stability while preparing the student-athletes for college. Our dedicated team, which is growing for the upcoming season, mentors student-athletes with all of the skills and maturity that they will need to thrive at the next level.

Coaches & Staff



There is a reason you are called a student-athlete. STUDENT is the first word in that phrase. Grades MUST be first priority in your quest to become a successful college recruit at any level. The higher your GPA, the more interest that you can generate. 

Central Carolina Prep

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