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How often do the Defenders practice?

During the preseason before games start, the boys teams usually practice three times a week, while the Lady Defenders practice twice a week. During the season, the teams can practice anywhere from 1-3 times a week depending on the game schedules. Normally, practices happen Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week. However, this is subject to change depending on the coaches' schedules each season.


How long does the basketball season last?

Summer workouts typically starts in July/August. Tryouts take place the first week of September. Once teams are selected, seasonal practices begin early September for all of the teams. Regular season games begin in early to mid November and end in late February. Some teams may continue to compete in tournament play until mid-March, depending on the opportunities each year.


How many games do the Defenders play in a season?

Game schedules will vary each season for each team. In a standard year, middle school teams will play 15-20 games while high school (JV and Varsity) will play up to 25 games in a season. 

When do games usually happen?

Games typically happen on weekdays with occasional games on Saturdays. Historically, the Defenders have not played games on Wednesdays. 

How do coaches communicate to team members and their parents?

The Defenders use an app central to all teams to communicate messages from the coaches as well as practice and game schedules. Live streaming of games is available, can be downloaded on mobile devices, and can be connected to both the parent's and player's email addresses. The app also has the capability to sync the team calendar with a mobile device to make last minute communications more efficient.

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